Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My First King Size Quilt

Butterfly Batik Quilt Posted by Hello
Since this is a blog of my adventures with fabric, I'll show you some of my projects. This was my first king size quilt. I made it larger than most that you buy because once everybody is in bed, I wanted to make sure we are all covered. Everybody = me, husband, cat, and 2 dogs if we are in the middle of a thundering south Florida storm.
I chose two beautiful batik fabrics at my favorite store, www.sunshinesewing.com , and cut lots and lots of 6 inch strips. Alternating the colors I sewed three strips together and then cut them crosswise to get nice 6 in wide strips to piece together for the famous, and my personal favorite, 9 patch block. I cut and sewed until I had a base quilt of 110 inches by 110 inches. Then I added the big butterflies and border. I kept sewing until I had the three shams and a small pillow done, and with much relief, I put it all in a box with the batting, and a backing that coordinated and took it to Faye at Sunshine Fabrics to have one of her most popular long arm quilters do the quilting for me.

Six weeks later it all came back beautifully quilted with rosey thread and I finished it off by sewing the binding and making the shams fully operational with zippers on the back.
The day I put it on my bed was glorious! It looks great with the rosey faux painted wall that I truly never tire of. What do you think?

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Eva said...

Lovely quilt, like the butterfly.