Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pattern for Fun Fur Rolled Brim Rib Knit Hat -

The Pattern -

First, let me say that I was given this pattern on a torn, faded and photocopied piece of paper by a lady in a yarn shop who sold me too much yarn for this project. (Five balls of yarn when I only needed three... grrrrrr). I have no idea who is the original creator of this beautiful, fun and easy winter hat. If you are out there and want credit, please email me about it. I did not intentionally steal it.

I am sharing the pattern with you because some very nice reader of my blog requested it. I hope you have a lot of fun with it too.

Materials List -

Size 17 knitting needles.
Fun Fur - 2 balls, because you knit with two strands together.
Worsted Weight Yarn - 3 balls, because you knit with three strands together.
I used Plymouth Yarn "Encore" knitting worsted weight 75% Acrylic 25% Wool.

However, the hat I am making now is made up of Caron "Simply Soft", a worsted weight, 4 ply 100% acrylic that is labeled as a #4 weight on the label. I love this yarn! It is very soft, and comes in gorgeous bright colors and is incredibly cheap! Just use something that is or will work like a "chunky" yarn.

Don't worry about gauge too much. If you think the first hat you make is too big for you, decrease the knitting needle size.

This hat is intended for an adult size head. Mine is 22 inches and it fits nicely. Meaning - it's not too tight!!!! Tight hats give me a headache. grrrrr...

Instructions -

Fun Fur -

Cast on 44 stitches with two skeins of the fun fur working as one strand of yarn. Do stockinette stitch, (knit one side, purl the next) for three inches.

Worsted Weight -
Change to three strands of worsted weight yarn, working as one, and knit a rib stitch.
Row 1 - * knit 1, purl 1* repeat across row.
Row 2 - *purl 1, knit 1* repeat across row.
Knit this pattern for 8 inches.
This makes a total of 11 inches for the hat. Lots of coverage for your head and it is very flexible.

Shape crown -
Row 1 - knit 2 tog all the way across. Row 2 - purl 2 tog all the way across. That leaves you with 11 stitches. Easy, huh?

Cut off, leaving a long tail. Thread onto a large eyed needle and weave through all 11 stitches, remove from knitting needle, then go back again.Pull yarns tight and anchor. Sew the back seam.

Because the fun fur is knitted on such large needles, I rolled it up and just took a small stitch to keep it in place at the back.


This whole project only took me about 5 hours the first time I did it. And, I must say that it is very easy and a fun, fun hat.

Additionally, I added an easy knit flower to the top for an added feminine touch and balance for the furry brim. See the next post for the photo and directions. If I was better at blogging, I would have both in the same post, but I don't know how to put a photo at the end, or even in the middle of one post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Adrian. I have the pattern now and I call it Adrian's Fun and Funky Fur Hat!


Tikkunknitter said...

Thanks for two things, Adrian: the pattern, which is ideal for my synagogue's new social action knitting group (the "R.S. Tikkun Knitters"), and for the quote of Maya Angelou's, which now provides the conclusion of one of my own posts. Check: "Ellen Learns to Knit"
Care to knit for peace?