Saturday, May 21, 2005

Car Wash Cave

Car Wash Cave Posted by Hello
After peering into the car wash cave for awhile, I notice that there is a green light on at the back. Green means "Go". So, I in I go, but not before rolling up my window and getting a little sudsy. !!!
Sitting in one of these automated monsters is a little disconcerting. At some point during the wash/rinse/wax cycle, I feel as if my car is moving forward, even though I can feel my right foot slammed down on the brake pedal and the gear shift is firmly in the "Park" position. I find a friendly dirt spot on the wall and keep my eyes glued to it until the machines stop their back and forward march.
This car wash has blowers at the exit and a sign tells you to drive VERY SLOWLY through to dry off your vehicle. 0.5 miles/hour and 3 minutes later, I'm off and heading south again, hoping to find the left turn into the plaza before the diner. If I miss it, I'm gonna have to turn around and come back and that means an extra .5 mile, a left U turn, and then a right into the plaza.
FAST CASH $60.00
GAS $29.35
CAR WASH $3.00
LUNCH $10.48 with tip.

Lunch with Dor. Priceless.

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