Saturday, May 21, 2005

Automated Daymares

Go South Posted by Hello
Today's blog goes from this post, "Automated Daymares" down to "Car Wash Cave". I don't yet know how to write a blog and insert lots of pictures into one stream of thought. Bear with me while I learn.

Lunch with my cousin/friend Doreen sounded like a great idea. She had an hour and could meet me at the diner for lunch with a human instead of the kitchen sink. A good idea.
Just as I was turning south to go down University Drive, an annoying Ding Ding Ding started up and I noticed that my gas gage was dipping low into the red zone.
Now, I had left a little early, 'cause I wanted to get some cash at the ATM to pay for lunch, so I decided to keep going south and see if I could find a gas station on my way, on this side of the road, instead of going to my usual gas station which was north of me at the time. (Is this a run on sentence?) I'm such a fearful driver, I'll avoid extra turns, extra stop lights and extra miles if I can.

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I think this is a funny story