Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hanging On

A covered hanger Posted by Hello
It seems as if I can't get through a day without making something physical to show for it. And making dinner does not count. Learning how to blog has been mentally exhausting 'cause I couldn't get the pictures thing figured out! Just creating the blog itself was - interesting - as I inadvertantly started out with two blogs, with two different addresses, and so the Hello feature kept sending my photos to the wrong place. And you know what? It's hard to get help! Deleting the extra blog helped, but darn if I know how to input a new http:// address into the Hello system.

Anyway... I just had to validate the day in some tangible form so I covered this hanger while watching yet another Country Awards program on TV Tuesday night. Mindless work for sure, but I end up with a practical product that gives me a lot of pleasure. This hanger will prevent any kind of blouse from falling off and landing on the floor of my closet where Squirt, my oldest and grumpy 12 year old cat prowls looking for just such a soft landing to sniff and settle upon.

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