Saturday, May 21, 2005

ATM Keypad

ATM key pad Posted by Hello
After clearing the Spanish language screen, I input my code and chose FAST CASH. After all, I was in a hurry and speed is good, isn't it? I expected the next screen to ask me how much I wanted. $20.00 was my heart's desire. Just enough for lunch and change for my wallet. Wallets like $1's. At least, my wallet is happy with some.
Ding ding ding and the screen says, "TAKE YOUR CASH AND REMOVE YOUR CARD"
Cash? How much are we talking here??? Why didn't you ask me how much I wanted? Why did you tease me with FAST CASH and make me believe I had some control here???
$60.00 boinked right out of the metal lips of the masterful machine.
What could I do? I needed some money, but NOT THAT MUCH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Oh well, the good thing was at least I was up enough to get $60.00 without a penalty.
Receipt yes. Oh good, now I have $153.27 to rely on.
Life is good.

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cashapache said...

Been there. Done that. free cash still is better.