Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bread, bread, bread

Creating a lower fat diet took me back to my bread making days. I used to make bread for our family and truly enjoyed the whole process.
Bread flour is a soft, soft white and has a wonderful scent.
 My bread cookbooks all have a thin layer of flour even now, these fifteen years later.
Pans greased and flour dusted waiting to be filled with that living, rising, yeasty loaf. I can hardly wait to see the rise above the top of the pan.

And here is one of many being given its' own time in the oven to rise and bake and fill the house with the aroma of life giving goodness.

It's hard to describe what this smells like if you've never baked bread of your own.  You've  just got to try it.  It's amazing!


And the final product cooling on the counter. A Cornell Wheat Germ loaf that is so nutritionally balanced, it is said to sustain life if paired with a little butter, and maybe some jam and tea.       

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blessings and bumps in the road...

Finally! We get to meet our new granddaughter, Blanche! A family gathering in Boston for a Bat Mitzvah brings all from near and far.

 My son Aaron and his beautiful, wonderful, wife Alana and their four children under the age of 5 years take the trip from across the US to be there and we finally, finally, meet their newest family member, baby girl Blanche.  Isn't she just beautiful?

 This is us together at the night time party to celebrate the happy event of a Bat Mitzvah for Abigail, my husband's niece's daughter.

 Two hours later I was in an ambulance going to Beth Israel hospital with severe pain.  Thought is was a third heart attack. Not. Perhaps a kidney stone? Not. Maybe the gall bladder... most likely.
Sigh. The fun just doesn't end.