Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exam Room #1 - part 2

The parents' chair corner with the three big flowers and a peak of the branch from the tree of life hanging down. Where are the apples??? I'm gonna have to go back and add some apples!

Yes, yes, yes, our garbage can corner is just lovely.

Here's the PC desk with its' far reaching branches and beautiful butterfly next to the reminder to GET YOUR INFLUENZA vaccine.

The older kids just have to take some nose drops, so it's not such a medieval torture chamber, all contrary opinions noted otherwise.
So, instead of bandaids, everybody gets some kleenex.

Sheesh! If they don't come into the office with drippy noses, we do seem to make sure they leave that way.

The lion head kind of got out of hand. She was only supposed to have a gentle mane, but it grew and grew. I know it is hard to see online, but it is even outlined in gold.
I'm telling you, it's hard to plan what your hand it gonna end up doing.

Here's that butterfly up close. I like it much better than the one in Exam Room #3. This one is like a watercolor painting and she feels much more floaty.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Smoke from the Everglades

There has been fire in the Everglades for about two weeks now. We are in a drought situation here in South Florida. It's pretty common this time of year, but it hasn't been this bad in a long, long time. This looks like a foggy day. It isn't. It's smoke.

It not only looks bad, it smells bad. Flakes of ash are drifting down onto everything, like rain, or snow, only everything is turning gray. I don't know if I should go for my two mile walk this morning because it could be a health hazard. The air conditioning inside the house keeps the air comfortable, so staying in feels like a good idea.

I am so sad for all the animals who live in or near the Everglades. Where can they go? How many are dying for lack of food and clean water and smoky air. At least the birds who fly can get out, but what about the panthers and everything else that is furry? Yesterday an aligator showed up at a mall. I'm sure it was fleeing the rack and ruin of his habitat by way of one of the many canals that connect us to the Everglades.

A nice tropical storm would be most appreciated about now,G-d.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Painting Exam Room #1 -part one

This is exam room #1 and it was finished with the other two rooms back in January. I put writing about it on the back burner as it seemed kind of repetitive. It is now May and I am amazed that I got all three of these room done in one week! I have to say that sometimes I amaze myself. That happens with sewing too. I look back on projects I have done and sometimes wonder who did it. I don't remember being so impressed at the time, it was just something I was immersed in and wanted to get finished. Does that happen to you, too?

I've decided once again to keep the flowers the same shape for a more unified look, so here is one beginning to emerge in the corner where the garbage can goes.

I especially liked having a waist high table to work from while doing these rooms. I covered the exam tables with a clean plastic dropcloth and lots of newspaper and was able to set my stuff out for easy reach and organization.

The corners are always "interesting" to do as I have to climb up on a ladder and pretend I am firmly planted on the ground. I don't like being up at the ceiling. And besides, it's hot up there!

Three big flowers are the backdrop for the parents' chair and the Tree of Life branches are beginning to float down from the corner. It is gradually wrapping itself all over the office, just as Mother nature makes things grow out more and more as time goes by. By the time I get the branches to meander throughout this whole office, it will be time to move because they plan to knock this old building down in about three years.

If I were anybody else I'd probably stop painting all of this and wasting my time for something that is soon going to be destroyed. However, I'm not Michaelangelo, so it really doesn't matter does it?

Coffee Room Table - in place

Table in place, in the office, with an original poster given as a gift to us when we opened our first office back in 1979. The colors are only slightly faded, but it works nicely with this table.

The table had to be bolted together, so I laid it down on an old quilt and went to work.

It bolted together nicely and you can see that I didn't even bother to paint the underneath part of this table. I usually do paint the underside of things since everything I've done so far can tip over. It's like wearing a slip. It's got to be just a pretty as the showy part. However, I really doubt that this table is going to be tipped anytime soon.

Here it is with the office chairs. ugh. Those chairs have got to go! Time for another trip to the "Wood You" store for something to paint that will complement the table. This stuff just doesn't end, does it?

Painting Glass - a new hobby

After completing the yellow table for the office, I wanted to put something on it that was useful, so I painted up matching salt and pepper shakers for the table. This is them. Very cute. Easy to do too. I use Liquitex Glossies, a high gloss acrylic enamel paint that is great for glass. After painting, just let it set for 24 hours, then heat set it for 45 minutes at 325 degrees. Let it cool down for several hours in the oven and wallah! After washing the items again, they are ready to perk up your kitchen (or office) and use on a daily basis.

I had a butter dish in my closet that was so boring, I never used it. For years I just put the butter on the plastic holder that came with the refrigerator and that was that. NO MORE! Now I have a fantatic piece of art that sits in its' hallowed shelf in the refrigerator door and is a joy to take out and use.
My eyes really like color.