Saturday, September 22, 2012

Playing at faces

Sometimes just having a page of text with gesso on it begs to be used. And, a number 6B pencil smudges so nicely, it takes me a long time to decide to add color to a face. I really like drawing a simple line and running my finger over it to sculpt the shadows. This drawing sat around for several weeks, just being itself. Not asking for anything more. Floating from pile to pile until one day I glued it into a journal. Big mistake. I was sorry it stopped floating the minute I saw her surrounded by all that white space. 
A tin of Stabilo chalk pencils arrived last week and this is what happened. OK, so she is more colorful, but is she happy about it?


lynne h said...

a., i think she's happy about it. *i* feel very happy looking at her colorful self, although i also loved her black and white self... : )


Adrian said...

Thanks Lynne! Looking at her today, on the blog, gives me a different perspective. Yes, I agree. She is happy to be in living color.
I have been dreaming about your horses! Happiness! Joy! Freedom! All good things.

Margaret Applin said...

Your journal page is AWESOME!!! I love the way you allowed the text to show through but in a really subtle and balanced way! You were successful where others have not been. The green eyes are BEAUTIFUL and remind me of when I had green contact lenses. They just draw you in!! Great job!