Monday, September 17, 2012

One more Whimsical Painting

This is the third painting I have fooled around with in the Whimsical Style taught by Mechelle Harrison at Creative Workshops.
I really enjoy using a piece of chalk to make the outlines for the forms. I don't feel as if I am doing anything serious because it's just chalk and can be erased with some spit. Cool!
But often times, when I am nearing the finish, I begin to feel sad because I like, really like, the way the chalk looks.
I mean, look at this moon! The chalk adds so much to the etherial beauty of this shape. Oh! And the texture under the black paint shows up under each stroke of the chalk.
And, here the white contrasts with the red in such a nice way.
It looks all skewudgelly. This is a new term. I just made it up. It's how it feels to be white chalk on black paint, surrounded by red and purple. Say it out loud. See?  A very feeling term.
This window! Oh, this is the kind of window that needs to be looked out of. It turns an entire landscape into a frosted fairy wonderland and makes everyone smile for the rest of the day.
This is today's moon, it is a waxing cresent of 3% in the sign of Libra . We can't see all of it because the Earth is still somewhat in the way, but it is there alright. I know it because I painted it. If you wait a day or so, you will see it outside your window, too.
Or, if you ask nicely, it will follow you into your dreams tonight to light your way in a rainbow kind of way. You can ask it for a wish. Ask for something dear to your heart. And, if you say, "Thank you" everyday for 30 days, your dream will come true.


lynne h said...

oh, a., i dearly love those chalk lines. i would feel very sad at covering them up! it's just the most wonderful, wonderful texture and i agree,it gives the painting such an ethereal energy.

i swear i would not cover up it up. ; )


Margaret Applin said...

Is it true? Did I hear Adrian was blogging again????? And she's painting up a storm!!!! YOU GO GIRL! The right space can do wonders for a girl!!!