Sunday, October 15, 2006

Painting The Waiting Room - part 4

The rainbow wall. It came out great, even if the colors are upside down.

Every garden needs a dragonfly, and lady bug on a big red flower.

The dragonfly and tulips look oh so childlike and you can see Eva our receptionist and Penney, our nurse in the window where patients sign in. If you look carefully you can see a butterfly painted over a door bell. Kids like to push on it and because of all the paint on it, it rings and rings and rings and then we get a good belly laugh - especially from 2 year olds!


Barb Smith said...

FABULOUS!!! I love it! What a wonderful artist you are...don't ever, ever think different! *muah*
Peace & Love,

Adrian said...

Thank you, Barb! I really had fun doing this and brought the little girl out with each brush stroke.
I love rainbows!