Sunday, October 08, 2006

Painting The Waiting Room - part 3

This is the right hand side of the waiting room with the receptionist opening in the wall. I removed the partition, so anyone coming in can feel they will be noticed right away.

It was fun drawing the arc for the rainbow. And coloring it in with many shade of each color was the best part of the project for me. A few weeks later, someone told me that I had the colors upside down.

Seems to me I did a good job of being an 8 year old artist, just like I wanted.

Painting big goofy flowers is something I've always wanted to do, but never had a legal place to do it. Now, with the rent we pay, I don't have any problem at all making marks on any and all walls that we see everyday.


Barb Smith said...

Honey, it's YOUR rainbow so PFFT at the dingbat that told you the colors were wrong...the colors are PERFECT!
Peace & Love,

Adrian said...

Thank you! It's just that if you want to do a rainbow, it's supposed to start with red at the TOP. I was definitely thinking chakras when I painted this. You know base chakra red at the bottom, and crown chakra purple at the top.
Oh well, what does a little girl know about rules?