Saturday, October 07, 2006

Painting The Waiting Room - part 2

Adam and Eve are forever entwined around the force that started it all. Love. At least that's what I believe. Eden wasn't a trap, it was and is such an incredible place of beauty that it's no wonder Eve just had to find out about it. Curiosity is what leads us out of that which is known and into the unknown. Ask any artist.

My desire for these walls was to paint them in such a way that it would look like a child had used crayons on the bumpy paper teachers give you at school. I found a way to work with cheap "chip" brushes using very little paint to get the effect. In fact, I absolutely had to hold myself back at times, because my grown up me wanted to perfect the images too much. Sometimes it's very hard to go back to the 8 year old mind and body.

Now you can see why I only painted three flowers by the door. All those chairs! I was still working on this and patients had to have somewhere to sit. Sheesh!

The color of the sky is purple indicating night and the unknown, the unseen, the moon making light that helps us to see, but we're not alway sure of the way because so much is still hidden. Like curiosity. It urges forward movement, but makes no promises about the outcome.

Don't you think G-d is surprised everyday?


Pat Winter Gatherings said...

I think you did a great job. It is a nice piece of ART to greet patients. I actually "get it" unlike most ART. I am a crazy quilter and just poked my head in to say hi! Pat W.

Barb Smith said...

I think Adam & Eve joined by the heart is beyond perfect! Great! Super! LOVE IT!!!
Peace & Love,

Adrian said...

Thank you Pat and Barb! It DOES make a nice impression when a new patient walks in and sees Eden on the walls. Makes one believe that being healthy is made possible here.