Friday, November 10, 2006

Changing the Hallway

The hallway is the first thing patients see when they come in from the waiting room and I wanted to make it colorful, but had to get something done quickly.

So, the answer is beautifully colored, high gloss doorways.

It looked like this for quite awhile. White everywhere with a cool black and white floor.

And this is back to last year when we first signed the lease.

The walls were pink and the floor covered in a gray carpeting. The first thing to go was all the pink. I like pink, but it was so very '80's!

Buckets of white paint in a washable egg shell finish covered every inch of the office, making it feel clean and new again.

It's a year later now and I have just got to get more painting done. The walls are looking scuffed and abused and not so very pristine anymore.



Cindra said...

What are the comments you get from patients?

Adrian said...

The kids really like the colors, especially when nurse Penny says, "Now go to the pink room and I'll meet you there. Or, go to the orange room and we'll see how much you weigh." The kids look down the hallway and try to figure out what color she is referring to. It's funny because my office is kind of magenta and one of the exam rooms is a very vivid rose, so when Penny says "pink" they don't have any idea what she is talking about. That way I get to see lots of little faces peering in at me wondering what's gonna happen next.

Gerry said...

I just love your painting but sometimes it reminds me of a TRIP with Alice in Wonderland. LOL.