Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Knitted Hat

First Knit Hat Posted by Picasa

I think I got a bug. And, I got it bad! I knit this funny furry hat when we went to visit my granddaughter in Denver in January. It made sense then. It was cold outside. However, it is not making any sense now. As the following posts will show, I am still learning how to knit (badly for now) and am stuck on hats.
Where does this stuff come from? Why can't I just forget about learning new stuff and just keep on developing more fully what I already know?
I think Mr. Spock said it well when V'ger's nature was being questioned, and the answer is; "Curiosity Mr. Decker. Insatiable curiosity."
I think I am destined to stay at the dilettane level forever. Maybe my inner self is just a skate bug. You know, the kind that skate on top of lake water?

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