Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Knitting Bag for Dilettantes

Knitting Bag Posted by Picasa

Here is the knitting bag I made. Perfect for every dilettante. It even has a gorgeous quilted purple satin lining so my new yarns won't scratch themselves up while I am tugging on them to make another hat. My 7th grade Home Ec teacher would be proud. It occurred to me however, as I was falling asleep last night, that I put the handles on wrong. Aren't most totes made with the handles attached to the same side? Think about it. If you open it up to put something in, if the handles are attached side by side, there is no obstruction. But putting the handles on the way I did, there is the possibility that the tote won't open wide enough to put an elephant foot into it because the handles will get in the way.
That's what happens when you just make stuff up with your scissors and pins. Where was my head and what was I thinking?
Fortunately, the other mistake I made is that the handles are extra long. So, that elephant is not out of luck.

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arlee said...

Doesn't that depend on what size shoe the elephant wears? Ballerina slipper or combat boot? :D