Saturday, July 02, 2005

Painted Kitchen Table

Painted Kitchen Table Posted by Picasa
Ah now and here she is, our newly painted kitchen table. Isn't she pretty? It only took me about 10 days to do all the layers of color. It seems I don't like just using a paint brush to lay on a slab of color. Now I have to paint a base coat and layer darker colors one on top of the other, or else I can't sleep at night! It seems my eyes crave depth and interest and apparently I am so hungry for it, I am actually willing to do the work to get it. Yikes! What is happening to me?

The table is still elevated on books of higher learning. It's nice to have a use for good information, but I don't think the authors meant to be appreciated in quite this way...
I still have to paint on several layers of polyurethane to protect the paint, so we will not be able to use our new altar for food sharing until the middle of August. It's so humid here, it's gonna take that long for the poly coat to cure. Oh well, I get to look at it everyday and that's satisfying.

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Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks so bright and cheerful... love all that color!