Thursday, June 02, 2005

First Day Journal Dress pattern - free!

First Day Journal Dress Posted by Hello
Becoming a grandma has been lots of fun. Now I get to make stuff for a little girl! I took lots of digital photos of her in her first 24 hours and later decided to do this with it. It's a pattern with instructions to make a First Day Journal Dress using a commercial pattern and appliqu├ęs that I created. It's a fun art-to-wear project that becomes a family heirloom that is absorbing to plan and make. The idea can be used on all kinds of clothing, but it is especially dear on this little dress for a 6 to 9 month old baby girl. Go to my web site to download the FREE appliques and instructions. I
hope you enjoy it! I saved it in a PDF file, so get the free Adobe Reader to save, read and print out the file at
Feed back, I want feed back! Send me photos of your work and I will show them to everybody - you'll be famous!

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