Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Eye Like to Embroider - part 2

apple eye Posted by Hello
This New Home 8000 was some fancy sewing machine! It had 116 different stitches programmed into it. From #1 to #26 were all the basic stitches, zig zag stitches, eyelet stitches, triple strength stitches for knits, double over edge stitches to finish the edges of ravely fabric, and even an automatic buttonhole maker to die for! To this very day, 12 years later, I still haven't used all of these amazing stitches. From #27 to 116 there were decorative stitches that made leaves, checker boards, circles, stars, alligators (? did I really need an alligator stitch?) flowers, hearts and on and on. I was gasping with each push of the button.

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