Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Eye Like to Embroider - part 1

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This is a series of one story. There are 9 parts. Continue to read each post of "Eye Like to Embroider" and you will get the whole story and free embroidery, too!

I was standing in line at the grocery store in May 1993, when I saw an ad for a home embroidery sewing machine made by New Home. I hadn't heard of this sewing machine manufacturer because all of my life I had used Singer products.
I was intrigued. A sewing machine that can do embroidery too? What will they think of next? I bought the magazine, perused the ad and looked for a dealer in my area. Amazingly, there was one just a couple of miles away, so the next day I took a never used-in my name-credit card, and drove to the store. $3,295.00 !!!! dollars later, (yes,I still have the original receipt) I came home with this new-fangled sewing/embroidery machine. Yikes! I had never, ever made a purchase of such magnitude without consulting my husband before. But this, this was something else. This spoke to every fiber of my being. I had to have it and I would figure out a way to make the payments.

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