Friday, August 31, 2007

The Lizard

Yesterday when I came out of the back door of the office to get into my car and drive home, I saw the most amazing creature!

He or she was about 4 feet long and absolutely regal!

I mean look at that face!

He was quite happy to let me take about 30 photos as long as I moved slowly toward him.

We spent about 15 minutes together - so very cool!

At one point he shook his (or her) head and extended his crop while making a hissing sound. A warning to me to stay away. Fine. But oh, how beautiful you are! How can I stay away when all I want to do is worship your majesty and beauty here in south Florida where canals can bring such amazing beings on shore.

I guess I should be glad it wasn't an alligator. They can be aggressive and my getting out of the car to take pictures would probably not have been a good idea.

But oh, just look how grand and beautiful the legs and arms are! So shapely and strong looking. And look at the stripes on the tail, and the fringe of living tissue along the ridge of the back. Is that not the most beautiful collection of decorative attire you've ever seen on something so large and alive in you own backyard?

I hope I see him or her again soon. After sitting in a white walled, half cold, windowless room staring into a computer screen for hours, this was indeed a treat that lifted me back into G-d's great and grand, delightful and wonderful world of living wonders.


Gerry said...

Awesome!! Its beautiful. I'm surprised how long/big it is.

You're lucky it wasn't a gator. They move really quick. I mistakenly walked up on 3 of them while walking my dog last year. Luckily they hissed before they started moving. I was about 10 feet away. I snatched up my dog. Burst into tears and started to RUN for all I was worth.

Thinking about it still brings me near to tears!

d nova said...

looks like iguana. probably escaped or mo likely unwanted pet. never saw striped tail b4, but found pix:

susan sorrell said...

Hey A,
I think it is someone's unwanted pet Iguana too. :( But what great photos!!! He/she is one big dude!!