Saturday, August 25, 2007

Carving rubber stamps -

This has been a summer of trying stuff out. I have skipped from one thing to another like a fly at a picnic, buzzing around techniques, but not staying long enough on any one thing to feel like I've found home.

I've spent some time carving stamps and have done about 50 designs and find it lots of fun to do.

Only problem is - what to do with it? I don't have a clear idea in my mind about what to make or why. I'm one of those people who need a goal. A goal fires my purpose and keeps me interested. The period I'm in now is a very scattered one and I DON'T LIKE IT.

I feel an inner push to try new techniques, many of which I am totally unqualified to do, LIKE DRAWING STUFF, but the push won't let me alone.

Maybe I'm becoming ADHD at age 61.
Got Ritalin anyone?


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