Saturday, May 12, 2007

Smoke from the Everglades

There has been fire in the Everglades for about two weeks now. We are in a drought situation here in South Florida. It's pretty common this time of year, but it hasn't been this bad in a long, long time. This looks like a foggy day. It isn't. It's smoke.

It not only looks bad, it smells bad. Flakes of ash are drifting down onto everything, like rain, or snow, only everything is turning gray. I don't know if I should go for my two mile walk this morning because it could be a health hazard. The air conditioning inside the house keeps the air comfortable, so staying in feels like a good idea.

I am so sad for all the animals who live in or near the Everglades. Where can they go? How many are dying for lack of food and clean water and smoky air. At least the birds who fly can get out, but what about the panthers and everything else that is furry? Yesterday an aligator showed up at a mall. I'm sure it was fleeing the rack and ruin of his habitat by way of one of the many canals that connect us to the Everglades.

A nice tropical storm would be most appreciated about now,G-d.


meggie said...

Just visiting via Margaretr from Australia.
We have had smoke like that here, & it is so dangerous to breath. Much better to stay home.
I feel so for all the critters who are affected.
Stay well!

NuvoFelt said...

We were in a drought situation last year, but not as bad as this. Hope you get that tropical storm soon

Karen said...

Hi Adrian,
I just read your post on the bloggerswhoembellish and thought I'd skip over to your blog and leave a comment.
I, too,wonder if anyone reads what I write - but then I will run into someone I know localy who will say, I read your blog and liked it... so I am getting some feedback - but then I also haven't posted until today - the last posting before this was Jan 2, 07.