Sunday, May 06, 2007

Painting Exam Room #1 -part one

This is exam room #1 and it was finished with the other two rooms back in January. I put writing about it on the back burner as it seemed kind of repetitive. It is now May and I am amazed that I got all three of these room done in one week! I have to say that sometimes I amaze myself. That happens with sewing too. I look back on projects I have done and sometimes wonder who did it. I don't remember being so impressed at the time, it was just something I was immersed in and wanted to get finished. Does that happen to you, too?

I've decided once again to keep the flowers the same shape for a more unified look, so here is one beginning to emerge in the corner where the garbage can goes.

I especially liked having a waist high table to work from while doing these rooms. I covered the exam tables with a clean plastic dropcloth and lots of newspaper and was able to set my stuff out for easy reach and organization.

The corners are always "interesting" to do as I have to climb up on a ladder and pretend I am firmly planted on the ground. I don't like being up at the ceiling. And besides, it's hot up there!

Three big flowers are the backdrop for the parents' chair and the Tree of Life branches are beginning to float down from the corner. It is gradually wrapping itself all over the office, just as Mother nature makes things grow out more and more as time goes by. By the time I get the branches to meander throughout this whole office, it will be time to move because they plan to knock this old building down in about three years.

If I were anybody else I'd probably stop painting all of this and wasting my time for something that is soon going to be destroyed. However, I'm not Michaelangelo, so it really doesn't matter does it?

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