Saturday, January 20, 2007

Painting Exam Room #3

Since the holidays are over and kids are back in school, we usually have a lull in activity at the office. I decided to use this time to do some more painting because my husband can see patients and use the other two exam rooms without getting backed up.

And besides, one of the mom's said to me, "When are you going to do something with these white walls, Adrian!? It feels so sterile in here!"


I know, I know. Painting the walls has been on my mind all year long, but it's been so hard to get enthused about it when I have so much to do and am still learning this job: "office manager". ( is this punctuation correct?)

However, I've also been loathe to do anything because my husband doesn't want too much color on the walls. He needs to see the skin color of his little patients. Colors reflect on skin. If a newborn comes and and he's checking for jaundice, he doesn't want any yellow on the wall, that's for sure. And what about a new patient who comes in with a bad cough. That might mean wheezing and asthma or some other obstructive airway disease. Do you think a whole lot of blue would be good for that situation?
So, the question I go over and over is, how can I add color, make it interesting and pretty, but not interfere with the whole purpose of the room, and still keep the very serious doctor happy?

The complaining mom gave me the very solution. She ended her happy tirade with, "Why don't you at least hang up some pictures?!"


What a great idea! As soon as she said it, I could see it on the wall. A mural. A contained splash of color. Something childlike, as the waiting room walls are. The theme of the Creation continuing on, but in a small space.

Zounds! I think I've got it!!!

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