Saturday, January 27, 2007

Painting Exam Room #3 - part 2

Finally!One room painted! This is the view patients see as they peer into the room. The doorway is painted a high gloss turquoise and has previously been referred to as "the blue room". There is a Noah's Ark Mezuzah on the right hand side of the door frame, low enough for most children to touch if they wish to, before entering the room.

This wall was the easiest to do, I must say. Big flowers, a simple design and several colors of red and magenta on my brush made it easy. I just chalked simple outlines of the flowers on the wall, placed the chair to make sure they would gather around it nicely, put on my painting apron and just started.

This is the opposite wall. There are a couple of faucets jutting out of the wall used by the previous tenant, for I don't know what, so I just ignored them. Notice that the flower patals are shaped differently, but are the same color as the ones on the opposite wall. I have decided now that I really don't like the effect. The shape just seems lonely all by itself, not being like the rest of the flowers in the room. Oh well, subconcious thinking sometimes shows up in art. As I did the second and third rooms, I got more "sophisticated" and kept the flower theme tighter.

The corner over the door shows branches extending from the Tree of Life that is in the waiting room. I plan to have the branches flow through out the entire office, unifying the theme.

A closeup of the corner shows a plastic cricket hung on the wall. And, see the leaf jamming its' way into the roo? Neat, huh? My husband tells the kids to look up into the corner at the cricket when he is examining their eyes with an ophthalmascope. It gives them something to focus on when he comes at them with a bright light an inch away from their eye. We all feel a little surprised when doctors do such things.
Might as well have something interesting to see!


Gerry said...

Love the Lady Bug! And the grasshopper too. Ha, Ha. Good job.

Cindra said...

Adrian, it looks wonderful! Takes the stress out of doctor's visits and introduces the curiosity factor.

Barb Smith said...

How fabulous, Adrian! This is just awesome!
Peace & Love,