Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Peridot Swarovski Set

It seems as if I need a lot of time to recover from my painting projects. It's been at least two weeks and I haven't had even one small impulse to go near a paint can.

Instead, I have been reading, watching old movies on Turner Classic Movie channel and cleaning my sewing room on the weekends.

The nice thing about cleaning out old stuff is that you rediscover stuff started that just needs a little tweaking to finish it off. I now have several bags of that kind of stuff.

This Swarovski crystal set was one of them. I had been wearing this sterling silver and peridot goddess pendent on a sterling silver chain, but it just didn't "pop". It mostly sat in my drawer looking pretty.

Now, with all the perfect shade of green crystals with an aurora borealis finish surrounding it, I wear it as often as possible. And the earrings and bracelet make me feel so fine!


Pat Winter Gatherings said...


Barb Smith said...

Oh yea, she is so beautiful and perfect set with the Swarovskis! YUM!
Peace & Love,

Adrian said...

Thank you Barb and Pat. This shade of green is now one of my favorite colors. One of the reasons it is so nice to live is S. Florida is that we get to have this kind of green grass all year long. That and really gorgeous blue, blue skies.