Sunday, September 10, 2006

Handpainted Rose Chair - the last one!

Remember this? It was the first one I talked about. A very nice color. My front door is almost this color.

But this is the shade that I love the best. A deepened rose color that I never, ever tire of. The entire back wall of our bedroom is similar to this, only I did a color wash that makes the wall look like suede from a distance. And, I made a king size quilt based on it. I think I even posted some photos of it awhile ago. I'll have to check.

The final product.

I had more trouble choosing colors for this chair than I did for any of the others. I think because I just like it so much as it was. The deep shade of rose is my favorite color to be around in our house. However, it had to change to this to be part of the group, so it let me paint it over and over until it finally said, "enough".

I especially like the brush strokes on the seat of the chair.

They go sideways!

Stuff like that just comes up as you paint.

You just never know how it's going to turn out.


Barb Smith said...

I love the brushstrokes on the seat, too...the first thing I noticed! Super job!
Peace & Love,

Adrian said...

Thanks again, Barb. Using a scruffy chip brush is surely the best thing I discovered in these painting adventures. The cheaper the better because the worse the brush looks, the better the paint strokes go on and on and on.