Sunday, December 02, 2012

Colored Pencil Portrait

This time I just used colored pencil on a page from "Gone With The Wind". No gesso at all. Sometimes it's just fun to sketch something while watching/listening to a video on YouTube. Have been obsessed with Abraham-Hicks lately. Now "you create your own reality" from the Seth Material feels a lot more do-able. It sure would be a lot more fun to feel as if I create the reality I want by choice and not by chance or habit. Been working on this since 1985 when I first discovered Jane Roberts' Seth books . I have to learn to feel my way as well as think my way to what I want. And, imagination sure is important for any goal, any desire, any, any, any....


DVArtist said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year

d nova said...

you already create your reality by choice as well as chance. habit is a choice, but not a conscious one. you can never totally avoid or control chance, but you can improve the odds. timing and chance pretty much govern all possible outcomes. do and know and then do knowingly.

your work deserves more attention. check out what i did to your facebook timeline. (you can always hide or delete what you don't want there.) also, you can link fb to twitter so a tweet goes out automatically when you post to fb. or vice versa. or both.


d nova said...

just found this on another blog:

*"The universe is already programmed to give each of us a year of happiness. Our challenge lies in programming ourselves to receive it". * *- Marianne Williamson*