Wednesday, October 03, 2012

paper bag lady

This weekend I found a few heavy duty paper bags from the Whole Foods Market and decided to make a journal. I found really good instructions for a paper bag journal from a November 2, 2007 blog page by Judy Wise .

 I added white gesso to each page. That took a couple of days to dry. I didn't put any kind of cover on this collection of paper. It's nice to have a really undemanding format to work in. These pages are not smooth and pretty and do not scare me one bit!
 This is my attempt at an oriental face. I find the eyes so intriguing! The lid line is so much fun to do because the skin folds over the crease in such an interesting way.
I used a #8 graphite pencil so I could smear some grays and carve out shadows. Once satisfied with the overall look, I took some CarbOthello pastel pencils to add just a bit of color. Because the paper is so textured, I have to accept the imperfections where they arise and I really like that! This photo was taken with my i-phone 3G using the camera that is provided and really does a nice job. The page was lit only by my desk Ottlite and no flash.
This face just begs to be touched. It's like drawing on a granite mountain or tree bark.
Even the crater in her cheek doesn't bother me. When I was adding shadow and color, my eye did not even register it as a problem. All I wanted to do was make her face just a little more colorful. Rosy cheeks denote joy in life, and I felt joy-ful as I watched her emerge.
Now this photo was taken with the Hipstamatic app using the Jane Lense and Kodak X grizzled film. The colors are yellowed and the edge of the photo are ragged. I like that effect.
If you have an i-phone you get to play with an amazing array of tools. I would never have been able to access so many different kinds of lenses and films even if I was a professional photographer. This is so much fun!

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