Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bag lady

Saturday, while baking more bread, I put some gesso on a couple of used brown lunch bags and did this drawing.
It's a pretty face from a magazine done using my left hand and a # 6B graphite pencil.
I sure do like to use my finger to smudge the graphite to shade the angles of the planes of the face.

Last night, while watching a movie, I added color using pastel pencils.
What fun they are! Good control for adding color in small places. I added more pencil work and used my eraser to make the highlights whiter.

 Working from a photo really does teach me more about drawing a portrait. And, I gotta say that this left hand of mine is learning


lynne h said...

ahhhh, i love her, adrian... i love the subtle color of her eyes and lips... (and that bit of ear showing)

i just tried to respond via e-mail to your comment at my place, and you don't have an e-mail address to reply to... so here's what i said...

ha! adrian!! it tests my self control to the max to just print out 2 - 4 pogo prints a day!! i try to make them last, lol, but it ain't always easy... ; ) xoxo

Martha Lever said...

Oh WOW! Left handed? If that is not your dominant hand then I am even more impressed! She is fabulous!