Friday, June 18, 2010

Blessings and bumps in the road...

Finally! We get to meet our new granddaughter, Blanche! A family gathering in Boston for a Bat Mitzvah brings all from near and far.

 My son Aaron and his beautiful, wonderful, wife Alana and their four children under the age of 5 years take the trip from across the US to be there and we finally, finally, meet their newest family member, baby girl Blanche.  Isn't she just beautiful?

 This is us together at the night time party to celebrate the happy event of a Bat Mitzvah for Abigail, my husband's niece's daughter.

 Two hours later I was in an ambulance going to Beth Israel hospital with severe pain.  Thought is was a third heart attack. Not. Perhaps a kidney stone? Not. Maybe the gall bladder... most likely.
Sigh. The fun just doesn't end.


Marty Mason said...

Oh, yes, Blanche is a little beauty. Isn't meeting new people the cat's meow?

Hope your pain has subsided and the cause of it found and corrected!

Mary said...

Adrian, Blanche is precious! I love her name!!!

I am thankful it was not a heart attack - are you going in for more tests to find out exactly what it is??

Hoping for the best!!

Aileen said...

Hi Adrian, thanks for visiting my blog and for the heads up on my mistake with the zucchini bread recipe. I've revised it and uploaded a new card.

Love your painted fabric awesome colors and designs!!

Your granddaughter is a cutie congrats!!

Happy Creating,