Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pentel Dye Sticks

This morning I got an e-mail from with the usual funny note about all the amazing stuff they have to color fabric. They sell everything you could possibly need to change plain fabric or clothing into something amazing.
One of the links led me to a video previously shown on You Tube about using Pentel dye sticks.
I was inspired!
I've had the dye sticks in my box of fabric paints, but have not done much with them.

I'm one of those people who order stuff on the net because I'm excited to try something and by the time it gets delivered, I've already moved onto something else.
Not a good trait.
However, it is so nice to have supplies right there when the urge to play comes back!
Today I took a pillow case right out of the linen closet and set to work.
Yeah, yeah, I know the fabric is supposed to be "scoured" and not a bit of fabric softener or other fragrant things are "allowed".

All the books say any softening agent will prevent color from sticking. But have you noticed how when you are painting and get some on your clothes, NONE of it comes OFF.
So, back from my morning walk, still seeing that little three minute video in front of my frontal cortex eyes, I find a small padded quilting thingy and stretch the pillow case over it so the fabric will stay in place as I work.

I must say I had a fine 30 minutes making these flowers. The dye sticks are so creamy! The red, pink, yellow and orange for the flower just glided onto the cotton. Two greens made a nice stem and leaf and I was ready to repeat.
The only problem I had was that since I work in my garage/studio, it tends to be the same temperature as outside. This morning it is about 76 degrees and the dye sticks are very soft. They got on my fingers and I had to be careful about leaving smudges.

However, smudges and imperfections are part of the beauty of anything that is handmade, so I didn't stress about it.
And, seeing a small crumb loose on the pillow case just lead to another flower near the top.
I'm going to let this this sit for a day and then heat set it.
This is going to look very pretty on our bed.
More! More! I HAVE to make more! This is really fun. Thanks Dharmatrading, for setting my soul alight.


Diane said...

This is great, Adrian!! I'm like you--I have to try everyything, and forget about it and then I forget why I even bought it, but eventually...

Cyndi L said...

Oh, I definitely think I'm going to NEED these very soon! :-)