Thursday, January 14, 2010

January - day 2 of journal

Day 2 of January journaling.
Since I was taking so many photos with my new Zumi camera, I just had to put them somewhere. This was so much fun! I know it's hard to see these photos, but they are intensely colored and slightly grainy.
so cool.
I printed out 9 to a photo page and then used a punch to cut them out. Since I just couldn't limit myself, I made a little booklet of water-colored paper and double-stick taped them down.

Adding more photos to the page is easy when you have a journal within a journal - yes?

Did some stitching to decorate and secure the booklet and the pix.
The background page is gessoed,water color spray painted and highlighted with wax pastels in rose, one of my favorite colors.
See how the booklet opens? My first.

This is page 2. More pix, more color, more fun.
It was a chance to use some stamps to "auto journal", too.
My husband, the house, our dog, Candy is her name, the feral cats eating (they're always eating! I feed them three times a day!) the pool, the sky, my garage/studio, a messy unmade bed.
All good fodder for fun camera pix.

See! Page 2 on page 2 opens two!

And this is how it looks all closed up and done.

Happy Saturday, January 2.

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