Friday, October 16, 2009

Gut Art Work

It's about time I wrote a note to myself about my newest passion. I have finally crossed over from doing a few pencil sketches to using acrylic paint on something besides messy backgrounds.
This painting is the first one I made while doing Mystele's Gut Art Class which started at the beginning of October. She is an inspired artist and a selfless teacher. While watching the video she made of using paper bags as a substrate for art, I remembered several backgrounds I had made a year or so ago. Putting all fear aside, I gazed into the background of this painting and suddenly "saw" this face. I immediately grabbed black acrylic and a round brush and painted the outline of her face. Once that was done, I added a little green to define her nose, and there she was.
How happy am I!

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Jeanne Rich said...

You did a great job! I love this painting. This is the type of art I aspire to do. So far my stuff has been too controlled - I like this modernistic look alot! Reminds me of the work of Fred Babb, are you familiar with him. You can see some of his work on my blog.