Monday, March 23, 2009


It's been awhile since I've done any sewing, but I caught a cold a few weeks ago and when I don't feel good, the only thing that makes me happy is to sit at my sewing machine and run fabric under the needle.
These two skirts are the first is what has turned into a series of toddler skirts for my two granddaughters.
Happily, they fit! Since they live a 5 hour plane ride away, I have to hope they're gonna be OK.
It's truly fun to sew a size 3T and 5T because a project gets done likity-split!


Renee said...

Since I have a wee 2 year old granddaughter I can say I can only imagine how adorable these little skirts are.

I have been looking at your blog and your work, your art, all of it is wonderful.

Renee xoxo

Adrian said...

Thank you Renee! It's so much fun to dress little girls! Thanks for stopping by.