Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tie Dye - Art to Wear

This is Jade Green. A beautiful blue green color that dyes up so nicely. It has a lot of the turquoise in it, so rinsing it out is a long, long process, but worth the trouble. I tried mixing up some greens this past weekend and it does take awhile to get something that is just right.
That's the thing about this dye stuff. Mixing the colors is the most challenging part of it all. Unless you are willing to measure by grams and cc's, no too dye batches will ever be the same. A good thing when you like variety.

Another item that is fun to make is this
sleep sack, a very, very soft cotton.
Made for my newest grandchild, I hope he enjoys lounging around in it day or night.

And finally, I made this little applique with just a piece of cotton stamped with one of my hand carved heart stamps. What fun to do! And, the doing only takes a few minutes!


Barb Smith said...

Mmmm, what a delicious color. I love playing with dyes! Mix some of your dry dye powder with some liquid medium and voila`, you have stamping ink! lol
Peace & Love,

Adrian said...

Dye Powder and liquid medium? Zounds, what a great idea! Is it really as simple as it sounds?
I love teal!