Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rose Linen Applique Skirt

Just so I wouldn't lose my mind to everyday matters, I pulled out this rose linen, A line, bias skirt that has been hanging in my closet for three years, never worn, and opened one side seam. This is McCalls pattern 2255, my most favorite of all patterns, no doubt about it.

Thinking I have nothing to lose on something I'd never worn, I went to work drawing large flowers on my fusible web paper and hot fixed them to these black and white fabrics.

This is the front.

This is the back.

One disadvantage of A line is that it doesn't want to stand out in a photograph. Bias drape does that on a hanger, but boy oh boy, you should see how good it looks on me!

This is the right side seam view and you can see how I worked the flowers all the way around. Because I didn't want a lot of bulky seaming around the flowers, I only zigzagged (spelling?) around them using a very wide and not dense stitch.
There's enough glue on the Aleene fusible to keep these babies fixed forever!

This is the right seam view and it's my favorite side. The tall flowers are very graceful when they move and you really can't help but look at them as I swish by.


I just love girlie stuff.

This is a close up but I'm afraid you still can't see the rose metallic thread I used to zig and zag.

Also I applied over 300 Swarovski hotfix crystals to the flowers, leaves and stems so that when the light hits them, there is a sparkle that is like a Christmas tree lit up for daytime.

Good. Very good for my creative soul.

I can see a clothes line strung from here to China with McCall's 2255 interpreted 1000 different ways.

Life is good when you have a sewing machine and glue.

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Unknown said...

Great skirt, how clever.